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Yellowrose wrote at 2008-08-10 17:59:30
   I began seeing exactly the same "circles" in the center of my vision as described by Steven a year ago. I went to an optometrist who referred me to an opthalmologist, who dilated my eyes, could not see anything wrong and had no idea what the "circles" were or what caused them. As the "circles" persisted, I went to another opthalmologist and showed him a graphic/drawing I had created on the computer to illustrate what I saw. He said they were "floaters".  I knew they were not floaters as they remained stationary in BOTH eyes in the center of my vision but I was already going to so many doctors for a herniated disc and neck pain (car wreck- 3-20-07), I just couldn't afford any more eye doctors.

   On July 18, 2008, I looked up at the full moon and noticed it looked like someone had taken a bite out of it.  Within the next couple of weeks, I noticed I had a small blind spot near the "circle" in my left eye and went to see yet another opthalmologist who dilated my eyes and diagnosed a "macular hole". The day after that doctor visit, I noticed a second blind spot near the other blind spot and the circle in my left eye. I was referred to a retina specialist who had me take a Field of Vision test (OK) and did an optical coherence tomography (OCT) which clearly showed the macular hole. However, the retina specialist did not know what would cause the circles either.

   I don't know if the "circles" are related to the macular hole or not. The "circles" are very real and are NOT floaters as I also have floaters and know the difference. About 22 years ago, I developed an enlarged blind spot in my right eye then in my left eye and went to 3 different eye doctors and a neuroopthalmologist who said it was a rare condition and would go away in 4-6 months. Three months later the blind spot in my left eye got even larger and still obstructs some of my vision.  Back then, less was known about the "enlarged blind spot" condition than is known now because more studies have been done and more people have brought this condition to their doctors' attention.

   These "circles" in people's vision represent some condition that most eye doctors don't understand but are real nonetheless.  Instead of misdiagnosing them or dismissing them, studies need to be conducted to define this condition. Just search the internet forums for "circles, eye" and you will find others asking what these are.  These are not isolated cases, something is going on.

Hope this helps someone else who sees these "circles".

lucy wrote at 2012-04-21 17:01:02
Interesting thread.  I am a male in my early 30s and have had a similar condition for about 5+ years now.  My scenario has a twist, however.  I often see a field of circles in my vision, which very much resembles a "circle packing" field.  Here's the twist--I only see them when I travel home to Minnesota.  They usually arrive after about a day of being home and diminish within about a day of leaving.  Even more bizarre, it only happens in my hometown and in the neighboring areas.  

My father is an optometrist, so I have discussed this at length with him.  He has checked me out, too...clean bill of health.  Not floaters.  The only thing he can surmise is that I am seeing an afterimage or reflection of my retina, filled with rods and cones, hence the circle packing image.  

OK.  I can buy that.  BUT, why does it only occur when I go home?  I thought it might be due to particular lighting conditions in the area.  This doesn't make sense, however, because it happens day and night in all kinds of lighting conditions.  

It's not a bothersome condition.  But the acute onset, which seems to be geographically linked, has me baffled.  I'd love to know what is causing this.  

I anyone has any insight or thoughts, please share.  

Sam wrote at 2012-07-13 06:54:02
I too am experiencing a circle in my eye. I am 33 years old and just graduated from law school. I am studying for the Bar exam when I noticed the "halo circle" in my right eye, sometimes in both eyes, but always in my right for 3-4 days now.

I believe it is stress.

I have had a numerous amount of oddities occur in my eyes and body over the past 3 years, to the point where I have gone to see a Eye Specialist (mind you I have no insurance). They found nothing. Clean bills of health.

You mention you get the circle pack when you go home to Minnesota, do you find that your stress level goes up as well?

I would have guessed atmospheric pressure when you fly home, but if that was the case you would probably have it when you flew out as well.

I noticed from my recent visits to the eye doctor, that the Eye is one of the great wonders of the body. A lot occurs in them, but little is known about them.

Try reducing your stress levels (easier said than done) and keep us informed of any progress. As I will do the same.

nanasbeachcottage wrote at 2013-03-23 16:15:33
I have this same condition, as of 10 days ago. The circle in my left eye just appeared and it moves with my eye so not a floater. Thought I had some serious eye condition but from your posts, it doesn't seem bad. I'm a widow with no insurance so can't afford frivolous trips to ANY doctor. Thanks for your posts and let us know if you figure anything out. I like the idea of reducing stress. Will try but lots of stressful things going on for me now that I can't control. Will try to adjust my thought life - just learned that our thoughts cause most of our stress!

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