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My mother passed away in 2009. I found a copy of stock certificate issued in 1991 for 50 shares of common stock in Central Maine Power Company. I have called, e-mailed, and written to no avail. I am quite sure she would have done nothing with the stock as she had it in both our names and never got rid of anything. How do I obtain info on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Central Maine Power Company
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Contact Information
Central Maine Power Company
83 Edison Dr.
Augusta, ME 04336
ME Tel. 207-623-3521
Toll Free 800-565-0121
Fax 207-626-9571

Type: Subsidiary
On the web:

Central Maine Power (CMP) has electricity pumping through its veins (and transmission lines). The company, a subsidiary of utility holding firm Iberdrola USA, itself a unit of Spanish powerhouse IBERDROLA, provides regulated power services to more than 606,760 residential and business customers (80% of Maine's population) in a 11,000 square mile area of southern and central Maine. CMP allows nonregulated retail electric providers to supply power to customers over its 23,700-mile transmission and distribution network via 200 substations. The utility caters to a peak demand of about 1,620 MW.

President and Director: Sara J. Burns
VP Operations: Douglas A. Herling

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..this is all i could find besides a symbol ctppo for their supposent preferred stock.. you could call them at the 800 number shown and ask for their shareholder services number in this country as they appear to be foreign owned now.. I found a reference to a company called Iberdrola usa in their financial..

this is a situation that is why I have a stock account with the very reputable charles schwab company.. I might suggest you contact them at their number 1 800 435 4000.. and say i am considering opening an account using this stock i own as my mom has will need a copy of her death cert and they will probably handle the transfer of the stock in to your name alone...what stinks is the cmp symbol pulls up some outfit that is meaningless to me so this stock may not trade on our markets..since schwab is international..they probably can still help.

sorry I cant help more.. but this kind of research is best left to a stock broker..and thats why i use the best and am willing to pay a little get what you pay for..

good luck

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