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Oracle/query for deleting rows


srinu wrote at 2012-11-14 12:00:59
select count(ACCOUNT_NO),ACCOUNT_NO from table_name

   group by ACCOUNT_NO

   having count(ACCOUNT_NO) > 1;

delete from table_name

  where (rowid, account_no)

   not in

    (select min(rowid), account_no from table_name  group by account_no);

Debabrat das wrote at 2015-08-19 20:28:59
By using the concept of patition embedded in  the row_number ()  function  it can come easy... just  use  the code

delete * from $table_name  where ( select  row_number() over (partition by $primary_key order by $primary_k) from  $table_name ) > 1;

For each partition the numbering starts fresh from 1 so if there is any duplicate for any of the primary key  it will be assigned a number greater than 1 and hence will be deleted.  


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