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Hello Sir,

I am Oracle certified and having 5+ years of experience in IT .
In my current profile I am working on database designing, Pl/SQL, TSQL, SQL
But not having core DBA activity so I would like to say that I am doing 30% DBA work and &70% Developer work but not so very high level.
In my current profile I am having no exposure on Oracle RAC, Standby DB and so on . But having conceptual knowledge.
I am very much confuse about my future sometime I think that I will not any new job  opportunity because I have no exposure on new technology,  only having  conceptual knowledge..

Please guide me what should I do so I can make my future bright.  
Please help me out.


Hi Gautam,

Thank you for your question. A DBA 30 years ago would be doing very much what you'd expect a DBA would do, create, manage and maintain, backup/restore, patch/upgrade a database. Fast forward to the 21st century, and you will find that a DBA isn't just an administrator anymore. He/She will be part of the design and development community and may have even started off as a developer. There is a major push by businesses to have multi-talented individuals than one individual per role. So if you are able to do 70% development work, than you're still in a building mode. Most DBAs, by the time their application is in production, spend 70% of their time maintaining the database and 30% on development.

Oracle RAC, Standby DB and other concepts are often foreign and potentially expensive solutions if your business does not have a high availability (HA) requirement. If your database is only needed to be up and available to users for 8 hours per day, then you cannot justify having an HA requirement (you can have up to 16 hours of down time each day). HA is used if there is a need to always be up and available (e.g. 24/7/365 call centre).

Many businesses just don't have a need for HA and can tolerate upwards to 72 hours outage (the average time it would take to restore a large database back backup). Data not committed and not therefore not backed up will be lost. If that's acceptable then HA is not needed.

Companies don't invest in solution just because the technology is available. There needs to be a strong business justification WHY it is needed. If you are able to demonstrate why those solutions are required (and its cost: license, hardward, man-hours to build and support, savings etc.) then you stand a good chance at being part of a project team to build this. Otherwise it will be difficult to get hands-on experience with new technology.

There's also nothing preventing you from trying it out on your own. Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 Standard Edition does come with a limited use RAC environment. So if you are not on a very large server (more than 2 CPUs) then you may be able to use RAC without extra costs.

I hope I have given you some insight into how your business may be able to leverage your skill sets. Good luck.



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