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    we login to datamover in regular mode and bootstrap mode.
    some script like storeddl.dms, storept.dms, createvw.dms
    we run in regular mode(PS/PS).
    Some script like msgtlsupg.dms, languages.dms,tlsupgnoncomp.dms
    we run in bootstrap mode.
    i am confused here when to use regular mode and when to use
    bootstrap mode. why we are not running the storeddl.dms script
    in bootstrap mode or msgtlupg.dms in regular mode ????


PeopleSoft DataMover operating modes determine how you are connected to the database. PeopleSoft Data Mover operating modes are:

   Regular mode.

   Most of the time, you use regular mode. To sign in to regular mode, enter your PeopleSoft user ID and password during sign-in. In regular mode, all commands are valid.

   Bootstrap mode.

   In bootstrap mode, you use a database access ID and password when signing in. Typically, you use bootstrap mode for database loading, because no PeopleSoft security tables are established yet. You also use bootstrap mode for running some security commands, such as ENCRYPT_PASSWORD.

I hope this helps.

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