os is windows 8.1
oracle 11g rdbms
How can we use CREATE DATABASE statement oracle 11g? i tried that through sys as dba user but i am getting data base is already mounted,what's that mean?

Hi Santhosh


The there a few steps that take place before you actually issue the CREATE DATABASE statement.The Oracle's DBA Administration Guide recommends the following steps in creating your database instance:
Step 1: Specify an Instance Identifier (SID)

Step 2: Ensure That the Required Environment Variables Are Set

Step 3: Choose a Database Administrator Authentication Method

Step 4: Create the Initialization Parameter File

Step 5: (Windows Only) Create an Instance

Step 6: Connect to the Instance

Step 7: Create a Server Parameter File

Step 8: Start the Instance

Step 9: Issue the CREATE DATABASE Statement

Step 10: Create Additional Tablespaces

Step 11: Run Scripts to Build Data Dictionary Views

Step 12: Run Scripts to Install Additional Options (Optional)

Step 13: Back Up the Database.

Step 14: (Optional) Enable Automatic Instance Startup

Now assuming that you've completed steps 1 through 7, your next step is to mount the database.  The command for Step 7 is


Up until this point, you've setup up the instance but it needs to be mounted before you can issue the CREATE DATABASE (step 9) statement.

When you run the CREATE DATABASE (step 9), it should mount and open the database for use.

I hope this is helpful to you.



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