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Hi, I had my wisdom teeth removed almost a year ago.  For the first 5 months after surgery, i kept having these episodes where my lower extraction sites would feel sort of irritated and then swell back up again.  This would last for about two weeks usually.  During this time, I was doing salt water rinses religiously, although they never seemed to help that much.  Anyway, for the past 7 months, the areas have finally calmed down, they don't swell up anymore, but I've noticed that my jaws are still puffy.  There's still some excess tissue on my jaws and lower cheeks that wasn't there before the surgery.  When I press down on both sides, I feel small hard lumps on the corners of my jawbone.  Other than that though, the areas feel pretty soft.
My question is, is this extra tissue/ leftover swelling permanent? Could it be scar tissue that developed from bleeding?  Will it maybe resolve over the next few years? Could it be surgically removed? I just don't understand why the areas haven't returned to normal after all this time.  I feel like I did everything I could to take care of the extraction sites.

Kayla - It is, of course, a little difficult for me to be completely sure without examining you, but from your description of what has occurred, it is evident that the area contains some type of debris that occurred during the healing.  This debris is now trapped and will be a constant source of inflammation.  My suggestion is that you see a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon to evaluate and probably open the area and clean it.  Unless the source of the inflammation is eliminated, that area will never appear or feel normal.  So contact a board certified surgeon to evaluate the area.  I hope you feel better soon.

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