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Blurry image of tooth
Blurry image of tooth  
Hello - I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed in a private dental studio on Monday evening,  It was a difficult extraction, the tooth proved very difficult to get out, and the roots of the tooth were hooked.
I awoke early that night at 2am in incredible pain, which I suspect was normal - took pain killers and have since kept up with painkillers, however it is now Wednesday morning and I am still in agony - I have used salt water after any attempt at eating, and this morning used Oraldene. The extraction site looks dark, and deep - I can't seem to "see" a clot - but I can see a dark mass of deep brown and also grey in the area.
It feels incredibly sensitive to air and water, and I have a bad taste in my mouth. The pain seems eased when my mouth is closed and jaw relaxed, as soon as I move my jaw or open my mouth I get the ache set it straight away.

Does this sound normal?

Hi Sarah,

I cant see very well from the photo that you have provided.

A wisdom tooth surgery is in fact a traumatic procedure, It normally takes 48 hours for developing possible swelling and takes another 48 hours for the swelling to settle down. Good oral hygiene is very important.

If you tolerate Ibuprofen and have taken this before, I would advised 400mg ibuprofen every 8 hours for 1-2 days for keeping the pain and swelling down. You can irrigate with Curasept twice daily 1 week.

If your symptoms has not improved over the last couple of days, i would advise you to visit your surgeon. You might having dry socket which can be very painful and would need to be looked after.

I hope that you are not a smoker as this could affect the healing and worsen your discomfort!



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