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I had 5 wisdom teeth removed at once two and a half weeks ago. They're healing up nicely, except the site where I had two. There seems to be a bump on gums. It hurts. The tooth next to the extraction site, where the bump is, also hurts when I press on it. I'm worried its an infection.

Jose - What you describe could be an infection or it could just be inflammation or irritation from the underlying bone on the gum tissue.  The tooth in front could also be sensitive if either existed.  You need to see the doctor who extracted the teeth.  If an infection does exist it can easily be reversed with medication.  In the interim before you see the doctor, I suggest that you begin a simple regimen of warm salt water rinses for about 2-3 minutes, 4-5 times a day to encourage drainage if there is an infection and reduction of inflammation.

Don't put off the exam.  I wish you well and hope the area heals soon.

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