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I had a gum graft 10 days ago. I had severe recession on my front right center lower tooth. My periodontist performed a gum graft, takng tissue from my palate and treating both center lower teeth. I returned to my periodontist after a week. He said the site did not look great, buthealing was possible. He wanted me to return in two weeks. I have developed quite a bit of discomfort at the site. My gum looks largely detached, there is still white tissue that is not turning pink, and I am concerned.  If this graft has failed, what is the possibilty of success a second time? Would tissue need to come from somewhere other than the palate? Is it reasonable to return to the same doc? Thanks much!

Helen - occasionally grafts due fail for a number of reasons.  The doctor needs to be extra careful in retrying to perform grafting a second time due to a decrease blood flow from the first surgery.  A palatal graft as an initial treatment is usually succesful if done properly.  The failure of palatal grafts is very unusual in the hands of a skilled doctor.  My suggestion is that you seek treatment from a different periodontist.  I hope it all works out and the second graft is successful.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me again.

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