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I would like to know if it's possible to reduce midface length, and by midface I mean the distance between the glabella and nasal base. Mine is too long (8 centimeters to be exactly), and the other areas of my face, which are the upper face (Hairline to the glabella) and lower face (Nasal base to the base of the chin) are only 7 centimeters. I thought that a maxillary impaction could help me but it would only reduce the length of my lower face.

I would hope your midface is not 8cm too long, that's about four inches!
I think you mean your miface third is 1 cm longer than your upper third. You've made no mention of the lower third chin point to base of nose. But to answer your question a miface impact ion will do the trick.
X-rays are really the only way to be specific  

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