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I had a tooth pulled and they did a bone graft so in three or four months I can have an implant.   First few day I had pain and mess worked.  Ion day three to four the pain has gotten worse. It wakes me up throbbing.   The procedure done on the bottom tooth and the pain is there and it is in the above teeth . It throbs above and I have pain in the jaw and goes back to the ear     I went in to dentist and he said X-ray on above tooth looked good and no sign of infection      He took off the protective coat he had covering it and at first I was optimistic and said thought it felt better but it came back full pain.   I am on Motrin 800 and vicodin Italy and clindamiycin 300.  I asked if the pain could radiate.  They said no but I had no trouble above before.   Now in between the teeth above kill     I don't know what to do.  Will it just go away.       I rinse with periodic too.   Do u have any suggestions?   Thank you.

Kelly - Of course I cannot be sure without examining you, but your symptoms, beginning a few days after the extractions is indicative of some type of inflammation.  Specifically. it sounds like you might have a condition called a dry socket.  With the graft in place, it can hide the dry socket.  Do you have a bad taste and bad breath?  Those are also classic symptoms of a dry socket.  You don't say if your doctor was a general dentist or a specialist, but if the doctor cannot come up with a reason, you should have yourself examined by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  

I wish there was a simple cure, but usually with a dry socket the graft needs removing and medication on a small piece of gauze is placed into the socket and repeated every couple days after irrigating the socket.  So if your dentist cannot come up with a bonafide reason, make an appointment with a board certified surgeon.

I wish you well and hope you feel better soon.

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