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Good evening, Sir.

I would like to ask a question to see if I can get any advice before I contact my dentist/GP.

Three days ago I had two molars removed on the right side of my lower jaw. The roots of these teeth were unfortunately damaged when my jaw was fractured in multiple places at the beginning of the year resulting in me now having two plates on this side of the  mandible below my premolars up to the molars.

Starting today severe shooting pain has been going along my lower jaw also resulting in pain in my ear. After looking inside my mouth I am pretty certain I do not have dry socket but I am unsure what the issue could be.

I now have a strong case of the flu and the outside of my face where the plates are has become apparently swollen with a very large hard lump and the pain is progressively getting worse. Could this be just an infection?

Can you advise a best cause of action and what the problem could be?  

Many thanks in advance,


Michael -it sounds like uou ate suffering from one of the mist common results of back teeth extractikns.  Your sescription of symptkms sounds like uou are duffering from spasms of the jaw musles.  The change in the bite after the extractikns can di this.  Simply using warm saltwater rinses for sbout 2-3 minutes 4 -5 times a day.  If the pain does not imorove within5-7 days, vontact the surgeon who repaired your jaw and have him evaluate the area to make sure the fracture dites were nit traumatized. I wish u well and hope the warm salt water helos.  

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