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Dear Dr. Ryan,

I had root canal done twice on tooth #14 with a few years apart in between. It has been good for 5 years since the second treatment. Recently my primary dentist told me during the routine cleaning that she saw some abscess on this tooth from the xray and suggested me to take it out. I have no symptom, no pain, no drainage, and my gum is in good condition. She said since I had root canal, I would not feel the pain. Then I went to see an oral surgeon to seek second opinion. He took a panoramic and found this tooth was in no worse condition compared to the one taken a few years back. He also told me that some patient will always have abscess shown in their X-ray.

My question is shall I start planning on taking this tooth out now or can I wait until my have pain, gum infection or other symptoms? There is a possibility I may need bone graft and sinus life as my sinus is low. It is always my preference to preserve my nature tooth.
Your insight will be very much appreciated.
Thank you!


Wendy, thank you for your question. It is very possible for the radiograph to show a residual cyst once the root canal is performed. Additionally, you can have an ongoing infection in the bone and it would not hurt because you had the root canal. Both of your doctors are correct. Your general dentist sent you to a specialist for their specialized opinion and I agree with the recommendations of your surgeon. As long as you have an initial radiograph to compare the new radiographs with than I would keep the tooth. It would be worth wile to get an x-ray every year if you do not have pain to just compare and see if any changes are taking place. If you start having pain then I would start planning on removing the tooth. I hope that helps. Great question.

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