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hi i had my wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago..after day 3 i had a bad taste and bad breath. I called my dentist and he said this was normal healing and he would see me for 1 week follow up appointment. Because i am a hypochondriac i decided to visit another oral surgeon to see if this was in fact normal...he looked at the extraction and said it was infected...he irrigated the socket with a green colored liquid and also prescribed me antibiotics which made me very sick (ended up in hospital with stomach pains) so after taking antibiotics for the 2 days it was time for my 1 week post op checkup...after examining my mouth my oral surgeon said there was no infection and everything was healing normally. I was so confused as to having 2 different diagnosis i went to a 3rd oral surgeon for a 3rd opinion and she also said there was no infection and i did not need to continue antibiotics. I have since stopped using the antibiotics...i have no pain or swelling or fever and the bad taste was gone from when he irrigated the socket.Should i feel confident that there is no infection? Or what can i do to be 100% sure that i have no infection?

Jada - It does sound like two out of the three surgeons truly knew what they were doing.  with an infection, yes there can be a bad taste and bad breath, but without the swelling or pain, the chances of having an infection is very small.  The normal cause of the bad taste and breath is the presence of food particles in the extraction sockets.  That is why doctors recommend that 48 hours after the extractions, the patient should begin warm salt water rinses to help clean the sockets.  

You can be sure that there is no infection present if there is a lack or swelling and pain.  If there is no evidence of intense redness in the area, that also negates the chance that an infection.  So relax and just let that area heal and keep it clean.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me again.  

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