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Hi, Dr.

I have a question regarding post- wisdom teeth extraction and possible complications.  I got all four wisdom teeth out 6 months.  Two were impacted, and it took quite a while for the swelling to go down, but the procedure seemed to go fine.

About a month later one side of my face randomly swelled up again.  The oral surgeon's only response was that it could have been an infection, and he prescribed me antibiotics.  I don't think they made a difference.

Then, about 3 months post-surgery, the other side of my face swelled up.  I went to a general medical doctor, and she said it was not infected.  I called my oral surgeon and they were perplexed, and simply offered to prescribe me antibiotics again, to which I refused.  I went in after the swelling had gone back down (it took a handful of days; and that was the soonest I could go in). He said nothing appears wrong with my mouth and it shouldn't happen again.  Great answer, right?

Well, this might sound vain, but I kind of think my face never returned to pre-surgery condition.  A few days ago I had fear that one side was starting to swell again, though nothing happened like it did the last two times.  I feel like one side of my face is still a tiny tiny bit puffier than the other.  Could this be a result of the surgery, such as scar tissue or something? And is there anything that can be done?

Thank you.


hello Kate,

Obviously if you continue to have swelling it would mean that you have some kind of irritant in the surgical site. Sometimes, small pieces of bone get detached or a root is left, so your best bet would be to do a cone beam CT on both sides and make sure that they are healing uneventfully.

Scar tissue would not cause this kind of swelling. In all cases, I don't think you have anything bad going on.

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