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I have had a  coronectomy on left and right bottom wisdom teeth. It has been three weeks but my right side is still in a lot of pain, any thing that touches on or around the socket hurts and deep within, if I over stretch my mouth this also hurts.It is a deep throbbing pain. I went back to the dentist and after xraying they said I have a bone infection, he put me on 300mg clindamycin for 5 days, I am on day 3 but don't feel any improvement, please can you advise me as to what you think is causing the pain and is it likely to get better with these antibiotics and if so how long will it take?

Sultana -  I am a very conservative doctor and I do not favor the coronectomy procedure.  Yes an area where the crown of the tooth is the location where the inflammation of that tooth begins a coronectomy could reduce some inflammation.  If, however, the inflammation of the tooth was deeper, the coronectomy will not help.  

I don't know what instructions you were given, but you should be rinsing your mouth with warm salt water at the extraction sites for about 5 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  This can often reduce inflammation. Hopefully, the nerve in the remaining tooth is not inflamed.  If so, there the remaining roots may need removing.  If so, see an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to evaluate your situation.  If the problem is not infectious in origin the antibiotics will not help.

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