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Oral Surgery/extraction inquiries (for teeth broken at gumline)


* Is it absolutely necessary to have an surgical specialist perform extraction of tooth remnant when the remaining tooth is at the gum-line level?

* Are teeth left like this at a high risk of abscess?

* Can a regular dentist perform this procedure?

* What is this procedure called?

* What is a typical price range for performing this procedure? (i.e <$50, $50-100, $100-$200 etc)

* Can more than one extraction of this type be performed in a single visit?

* After this kind of extraction has been performed, how long before implant procedure can begin to replace the tooth?

Thanks in advance for answering these questions!

Amanda -  If the remaining tooth is at or belom the gum level, it means that there is very little to actually grab onto.  The lack of tooth above the bone makes the extraction more difficult and more exacting to prevent trauma to the region.  

All teeth that are broken down like this do not form abscesses, but very often they do.  The only way to prevent the infection is extracting the remaining portion of the tooth.

A regular dentist, if he is a highly skilled surgeon, can sometimes remove the remaining tooth, but the chances of secondary problems are much higher than if a surgeon removes the tooth.  

The procedure is still an extraction.

The cost varies so much.  It depends on the length of the roots, the inflammation in the region and other important physical structure nearby (nerves, sinus, etc.)  Per tooth, it could be anywhere from $100 - 300.

A surgeon can perform a number of these extractions at one visit.

An implant can be placed immediately or it may have to wait a few months.  The main contributing factor determining when an implant can be placed is the presence of inflammation or infection.  If either situation exists, a knowledgeable doctor will not insert the implant until the socket heals in 4-6 months.  Rushing it is that situation can prove to be a bad decision.  If healthy, an implant could possibly be placed at the same visit.

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