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Oral Surgery/headaches after wisdom tooth extraction


I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted "cut out" 5 days ago. I since then have experienced horrible headaches on my temples, my jaw is very sore, and my teeth are very sensitive especially to anything cold. Is this normal? I do have stitches in my mouth also. How long before i will be able to feel normal again and eat real food.

Tara -  First of all, spasm of the jaw muscles are not uncommon after the removal of wisdom teeth.  Those muscles, when in spasm, will produce all the symptoms you describe.  As far as the stitches, the doctor who removed the teeth should remove those sutures now.  That will help to reduce the inflammation causing the muscle spasms.  In addition, you need to immediately being a regimen of warm salt water rinses, for about 5 minutes, 4=5 times a day.  Do the rinsing near where the wisdom teeth were removed on both sides.  The warm salt water should slowly (5-7 days)resolve the spasms and help you to funtion normal again.  

If after 5 days there is no improvement, you may also have to place warm moist compresses from the temple to the bottom of the jaw, on both sides of your face at the same time, for another few minutes 4-5 times a day.

So be attentive and do the above and you should get better.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me again.

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