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 Thanks for looking at my question.

 When I was 10 to 12 I had braces on my first 4 front top teeth.  I was suppose to get a full set of braces at 12, but I didn't for various reasons.

 On my 21st birthday, the last day I was covered under my parents dental plan, I got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled.  The dentist broke my jaw.  When he realised what he had done, he offered me a "free x-ray" and "free care" to fix it.  I left the office and never went back.  I didn't go to another dentist for several years.  (at least a decade)

 I really should have gone back to him, because everything would be fixed now.  Instead I went to my family doctor, who diagnosed me with TMJ, and sent me to physiotherapy.  I did the exercises regularly, and attended for a few years.

 My bottom teeth no-longer matched up with my top teeth.  Through the years I got several fillings.  Because I couldn't bite in a way that my teeth lined up when the dentist (new dentist) put that paper between my teeth, my newly filled got lined up, with my jaw jutting forward.  So now most of my teeth line up, although my jaw is still where it was after it healed from it breaking.

 A few months ago I got top wisdom teeth pulled.  The left one had turned sideways and was rubbing into my cheek.  The dentist said the other one would do the same, so they were both taken out.

Big mistake.

Now I have the same TMJ pain that I had when I was 21.  The muscles that run between my jaws are always tight.  I can't open my mouth all the way without a lot of pain.  I feel like I am wearing braces again, but I'm not.  (All of my teeth have pressure on them).  I'm in constant pain.  My eye and ear on that side also hurt.  My jaw makes a clicking sound every time I open it.  My lower law has moved forward again, and again my upper and lower teeth don't match up.  If I sit straight, look at the ceiling and move my mouth open shut several times I can get them to line up.

I was looking things up on line.  There are braces and surgery that can help.  On of the braces is he myobrace.  It retrains your jaws to sit in the correct place.  I don't know much about surgery.

What's the best treatment? Surgery, myobrace, braces again?

Am I stuck with a jaw that juts forward beyond my nose, bottom teeth that don't match the top teeth, and constant pain forever?

Call -  I wish I could give you a simple answer as to what is the best approach to helping you.  With the trauma your jaw sustained and the dental treatments that have been done subsequently, there are possibly a number of problems that might need to be corrected to eliminate the problem.  It might need surgery, orthodontics, dental treatment or a combination of all.  My suggestion is that you have yourself evaluated by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  If you wish, you can get back to me, tell me where you live and I will try to find an appropriate surgeon as close to you as possible to evaluate and help you.

So get back to me and I'll try to help.

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