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I am had Lower Jaw advancement(8mm) and Genioplasty surgery 7 weeks ago.  From about 2 weeks post-op to date, my lower lip hangs down exposing my lower teeth.  I am unable to close my lips together in a relaxed state. (Prior to surgery my lips would close together at rest and I slept and chewed with my lips closed).  My speech is quite affected as my lower lip sits stationary and the upper lip tries to stretch down towards the lower lip to form sounds like 'p' 'b' 'f' etc...
I was told by the surgeon that I have 'drastically more scar tissue' at the front left half of my face.  It makes my face feel as though it has been stuffed with cardboard.  I have been applying heat, stretching and massaging the area. There has been no improvement in these symptoms from the beginning.

I am now to try chewing soft foods but have not been able to.  I have constant pain in my right jaw joint which clunks sideways, gives me a 24-hour earache and headache. I have to try to chew with my mouth hanging open and the jaw just shifts sideways with a sharp pain and the food falls out of my mouth.

I was expecting numbness tingling and other sensory changes but I do not understand the decrease in function.

Any suggestions as to how I can improve would be welcome.
Thank you

Hi Brandie,

I'm sorry that you are going through all this. I am sure the surgeon has done everything he/she could    I am very curious to see the pre-op and post op X-rays including panoramic and lateral X-rays. Regarding the lip, you might have a problem with the  mentalis muscle after the surgery. If you could send me those X-rays and perhaps photos, I would be happy to review them ad discuss further.  

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