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Hi, I'm having problems with an impacted wisdom tooth. I've had various scans - x rays and in the dentists own words the scan reveals a very deeply impacted tooth so much so that CJ of the tooth is on the inferior border and the root is protruding significantly beyond the lingual border. When I saw him on this occasion the root was protruding 19mm on the shortest side. He said there was A nerve trapped between the root and my jaw bone and the root had displaced an artery. I feel tired all the time and if I'm on my feet I feel dizzy and start to get pain at the back of my head on the same side of said tooth and the dentist at the hospital said it is symptomatic. I am now seeing another dentist who is saying there is no artery in this area and he can't understand why I have these symptoms. Is there an artery running along the lower jaw bone and can you explain these symptoms above along with a life sucking energy draining feeling most of the time. I appreciate its hard to diagnose with out a physical examination but any advice would be greatly appreciated

Dave - Your symptoms are unique.  They should have nothing to do directly with the wisdom tooth unless thee is an associated infected.  As far as the artery running along the lower aspect of the jaw bone, there is none.  The is a main carotid artery that lays beyond the back of the jaw and it is where you can feel a pulse.  

The dizziness could be due to the wisdom tooth is there has developed some inflammation of the jaw muscles.  My suggestion is that you immediately try to make an appointment with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  Many dentist attempt to treat and diagnose associated symptoms with wisdom teeth, but they are not really trained.  

So to set yourself at ease and to discover what actually is occurring, make an appointment with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  It is not worth treading water with a regular dentist.  Have a specialist evaluate you.

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