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QUESTION: hello Prof.Joel
Do cardiologist in U.S. care about their patients dentition.
All regards

ANSWER: Hugo - Absolutely the knowledgeable cardiologists are aware and often address the patient to discover when it was they were seen by the dentist.  The patients are also told that they need regular visits to intercept any potential dental, especially periodontal, problems before it affects the cardiology of the individual.

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QUESTION: Prof. Joel

some remaining root couldnt be removed right away without the might of surgery.
as certain it's said that files used to do that without the consequanses cost of postoprative symptomes.
would like to know your opinion, if that could realy value the need of the case.

Hugo - I think you are asking if the beginning of root canal treatment could render the tooth less susceptible to creating problem.  Sure the beginning of a root canal on that retained root could reduce the chance of that tooth becoming infected, but a proper seal of the opened nerve canal is important to prevent the invasion of oral bacteria into the canal.  

As far as removing a retained root, a skilled dentist should be able to handle the situation and overall it would be better with less chance of secondary problems developing.

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