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Oral Surgery/Maloccusion &pain Misaligment after 4the dental implant


QUESTION: Had #19,20,21 and #30 implant done, 3 attempt to have crown placed and it all failed . I still occlusion issue. It appeared there is a misaligment on #30 implant. Can implant be removed and reinstall? I amam also suffer fromfrom Tmj. Orthodontics dr. Told me i might need jaw advancement procedure along with brace.. my dentist not favor the option... I live in chicago suburb.  Can you help me to understang... thanks? Sbould I see plastic surgeon or plastic surgoen for jaw advance procedure consult...anyone you recomment as for chicago area

ANSWER: May -  Of course without examining you, I cannot ne sure what you will need.  It sounds like you should definitely be examined by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  So get back to me and let me know where in Illinois you live and I will give you names of board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons near you.

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QUESTION: Wilmette, IL ... I am currently seeing 2 differnt orthodontics. One is treating my TMJ. Other feel I might need jaw extension surgery... my dentist is frustrated with my occusion after 3 set of new crown attempt and failed. The dentist did my implant is unwilling release my 3D scan back on July 2011 despite requested by phone mail numerous times. My orthodontic office also requested. There is no response. I have seen an oral surgoen locally.. not sure he have answer either... I am so confused and have been suffer from pain and numrness for the past 2 years... I am so not sure if the implant can be removed and place to the right postion.  >_<…it seems like my upper jaw has different dimension with lower jaw (open bite). Each time my dentist add height on #28#29#30. My TMJ got worse ..

ANSWER: May - You seem to have doctors that are so lost.  First of all, it is your 3D scan and they have to make you a copy or release the one they have.  If not, seek help with an attorney.

You are fortunate to have oral and maxillofacial surgeon in towns nearby yours.  The following are those doctors.  Have one of them do an exam and hopefully they can help, give you a pathway and make you better.

1) Dr. Kenneth Peskin - Skokie - (847) 676-4590

2) Dr. Kevin Andrus - Evanston - (847) 733-1020

3) Dr. Michael Stohle - Evanston - (847) 869-9303

Contact any of the above doctors and ask for an evaluation and hopefully they can give you a pathway.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me again.

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QUESTION: I what I don't undetstand is I did not have problem for my jaw matching issue... till my implant done both side on my jaw...I was told by orothondic office my loer jaw is smaller than upper jaw for some reason....  whoever did my implant will not reliease my 3guard D ct scan and my current dentist only have very limited xray for reference.....
I send a letter to IL state dental society to request for review of my case... I was told it will take months. I am just in miserable pain and... do not... if I should consult with an attorney to get my record... no one know what happen..
without my dental record... I am so frustrated.. I did see one of theoral surgeon Dr.Stohle.. don't feel he has a clue either...

May -  First of all, the implants do not change the size of your jaws.  There must have be a size situation that did appear to you to be incorrect or different.  

I really don't understand why the doctors will not release the information and xrays they have.  That is so wrong.  You may only be able to get all the information by seeing an attorney and have him request.  I think if that happened, the dentist would be more likely to release so he would not be accused of not releasing medical information.  That is the law the individual who the tests and information are about, has a right to that information.  You not get originals but just a copy would be sufficient.

I really feel sorry for you.  Don't let these dentists get away with this.  I wish I could help you more.

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