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I had a wisdom tooth pulled in 1971. That dentist told me I had a broken jaw because my wisdom tooth did not have room from my jaw.
I had a dentist tell me that my jaw had never been broken just last year in December. He said as he showed me my X-ray of my jaw that he could not see evidence of a break. My question is this : Could my jaw have been broken in any way from my wisdom tooth that I suffered with for 2 years before I had it pulled ? And if so could an X-ray taken 42 years later not show evidence of that break ?

Dear Ronald,

This case is very odd. If you had a broken jaw and did not get surgery to fix it, you would have had ended up with severe infection. Occasionally broken jaws heal by themselves, but most likely it would be visible on the X-ray. My feeling is that you never had a broken jaw to begin with. You are welcomed to send me an X-ray so I could evaluate it.

Thank you,

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