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after surgery
after surgery  

i'm 26 years female physician
before three months i did maxillary impaction for gum smile
now the doctor said i need maxillary set-back surgery because i have maxillary protrusion and sever over-jet
he want to do the operation in 2 sessions
the 1st one to remove the plates he put during gum surgery with septoplasty (for nasal septal deviation)and turbinectomy and the second session to remove the premolar teeth and retract the maxilla backward

can u do it or not?
how much it cost?
do u have another treatment plan?
p.s. i wore braces when i was 13 and remove my 1st premolar on both sides but the maxilla advanced after 4 years

Hello Mays,

We would probably need more data to really assess your case including a full esthetic examination (frontal, profile, 3/4 views, smiling and at rest), a cephalometric X-ray in resting horizontal position etc...
I am not sure I understood the treatment plan of your surgeon.This does NOT seem right for me. First, in your kind of problem, you should only have had ONE single surgery for ANY kind of  3 dimensional repositioning of your maxilla including impaction, segmentation and retrusion if need be (which by the way you do not need!!!)You already have had 1st premolar removal and it would be a mistake to have the others removed as well. From what I can see, your overjet is due to the mandible which could be advanced. In any rate, you should see a very good surgeon who is familiar with Orthognathic surgery which does not seem to be the case. IN addition for optimal results, an orthodontic treatment is mandatory if you wish a stable result.

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