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I had a molar pulled out on 2/21 i have some on and off pain that tylenol or ibuprofen takes care of. y question is i took a picture of my mouth where the extraction happened number 14  and m worried its not healing right. I heard you get alot of pain if its a dry socket. Where the extraction happened it appears on my phone to be gary around the edges and possibly black in the middle. I didn't eat anything other than jello and pudding until the oral surgeons office said i could when i asked them and i didn't rinse until after 24 hrs
Is the tenderness, the pain that tylenol takes care of., and the color of the extraction site normal?

Danielle, Thank you for your question. Extraction sockets can look a bit odd the day after an extraction, especially if you are not use to looking at them. The tooth #14 is on the top and a dry socket on the top is a very low risk. The highest risk of developing a dry socket in on the lower back teeth. As long as you don't have any pain, you should be healing appropriately. I would recommend to see your surgeon to have them look at it if there is some concern. I am not able to tell you if your site is healing appropriately without examining you. I hope that helps

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