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QUESTION: I had a root canal at that time after surgery swollen severe pain.  I had to go to another dentist instead of mine (he was having New years celebration) to get cut and drained. Long story short operatives reports showing hole growing over the years. Eight surgeries performed by various doctors/dentists eg: oral surgeons, root canal specialist, regular dentist, periodontist, and Ent. My left sinus is swollen as usual, and now past year orbital area massive pressure and eye turning black. My dentist in 2007 saw a Cat scan which was normal, but went in a did an exploratory in 2007 found massive infection and saw (left side)the hole has travelled alongside nose and lacrim duct.  I am in severe pain as usual, face and eye are visible swollen and blowing yellow out my left nostril, bad taste in mouth, and thick post nasal drip, also ears been plugged for several years and drainage comes out one side. In 2007 my dentist tried to refer me to a group of oral surgeons to fix and the refused to see me then my doctor tried to refer me to ENT after seeing many in Calgary nobody will see me anymore.  I had contact Alberta Health Committee on this and my doctor was sort of trying to refer me to Mayo Clinic to get this fixed, but he was not sending proper referral info and they declined.  Now I have a new Doctor because my old doctor from 2007 should of got something done by now. I could not wait any longer. Is there anyone you know that could contact my doctor and get me the help I need?  I need someone whom has experience in finding and fixing these problems. This scenario is become ridiculous people are only worried about a law suite, so they don't help further.  Please help!

ANSWER: Pam -  I don't know if you have seen any of the following board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, but hopefully one of them can help you.  As far as different referrals, I am not familiar with others in your area.

1) Dr. Steve Bureau - Calgary -  (403) 685-1314

2) Dr. Robert Goos - (403) 244-3678

3) Dr. Douglas Vincelli - (403)263-5193

4) Dr. Carl Young - (403) 242-2600

All the above are board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Calgary.  I suggest you contact them and see if they can help you.  I wish you the best.

Please tell me how far or where you might want to go to have yourself examined.  There are hundreds of doctors who are good.  So get back to me and tell me where you might be willing to go.

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QUESTION: Some place close to border of Alberta. My new Doctor is hopefully going to have some place to start. I tried to make it easier for him for referrals to help in the research. I have all supportive paperwork that acknowledge the dental issue since 1993 and reports from dentist/doctors in the past. Since 2007 from findings nothing has been done. I know there is an issue due to signs and symptoms, but need a doctor who would be willing to work with my doctor here and get all the up-date scans/blood work before I go see the other.  My face on left side is visibly swollen including the orbital area which can get involved after prolonged exposure to the chronic sinus infection circulating from the oral cavity into the sinus for years.  Anyway, if you give me a list of doctors I will pass onto my new doctor perhaps we can get things on the go here before something happens that I cannot reverse i.e. stroke, brain abscess and other associated trauma that occurs when the issue overlooked.  I look forward to some info.


Pam -  I wish it was that simple.  I do not have a list of doctors throughout Canada or the US, but if I could have cities or locations where it might be appropriate or possible for you, that would be easier.  Most likely, since Canada does not have the number of board certified surgeons that the US has, it is a little difficult.  So I need cities, not necessarily very close, that you would be willing to go to.  So get back to me with large Canada cities or US cities not too far away.

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