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QUESTION: hi,i went to a oral surgeon to get a tooth thats been hurting me to be removed an the doctor said i had a tumor underneath the tooth. he told me the tooth is bad and i need it removed but i should remove the tumor. he said he can do it all together. the only problem is he said by removing the tumor, theres a higher than fifty percent chance that he might hit a nerve and i will be numb on my chin and part of my lips. when asked about how dangerous the tumor is he said i don't think it's anything bad. so here i'm stuck wit a decision, i don't know what to do. is there a way to take it out without going numb or should i risk it and not take it out? please respond to this asap. i need a answer soon. thank you.

ANSWER: Michael -  It is not completely uncommon for a benign tumor or cyst to form from an inflamed tooth.  This situation usually works out well with the lesion removed with the surgery.  Depending on the size of the lesion, it can get close or invade the mandibular nerve canal.  If that is the situation numbness can occur.  Usually this numbness is only temporary, but all surgeons need to advise their patients that there is a chance of permanent numbness.  Leaving the area alone if it is due to inflammation in the tooth, can cause an abscessed area.  So having the treatment is probably appropriate.  My suggestion to give you peace of mind is to see a second oral and maxillofacial surgeon to evaluate your situation.  If you wish, you can get back to me, tell me where you live and I will give you names of board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons near you to give you another opinion.  

Leaving it alone is probably wrong.

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QUESTION: thank you so much for your response. the doctor has told me because of my age (55), there's a high chance that the numbness will be "forever". that is what has gotten me worried. i would appreciate a second opinion on if a tumor like this is dangerous because i am clueless to this matter. my doctors responses was "most likely not" which i didn't understand, tumors usually are to my knowledge. Also, the reason i haven't gone to a second or third oral surgeon yet is because being x-ray'ed 2 or three times in a week or two week period is probably not good but taking your advice i will go to one probably this week. I live in the boston area. if there are any surgeons you know that you can recommend in that or surrounding area, i am more than willing to give it a shot. Once again, i appreciate you taking out time to respond.

Michael -  I am sending names of a few board certified surgeons near you.  I wish you well and hope one of the doctors can help you.

1) Dr. Leonard Kaban - (617) 724-1646 - this doctor is a Mass General.  If you call ask to be seen by him and not a resident.

2) Dr. Thomas Flynn - (617) 432-3148

3) Dr. Adam Orden - (617) 277-6700

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