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Hi, I had a bone graft implant done on my right upper jaw on a pre molar about 25 days ago. Since the first week I noticed a bad smell and look at the place and saw a whitesh light yellow liquid around the stitches. I clean around the area and went back to the dentist to remove them. Afte the stitches were removed I still have the light yellow liquid coming out from the surgery opening. I noticed that at the time of the surgery the sinus membrane was punctured a small hole according to the dentist. He used a bone graft with colagen and said that it will heal with time. I still have the light yellow secretion coming out from the wound and can see that there is a communication between the nose and mouth because if I gently blow the nose the liquid comes out and the terrible smell also. The dentist said that I should wait until it heals, to keep clean the area, but I'm very concerned about this since I had aortic valve replace 5 months ago and a Infection could be bad if goes to the new valve. I took antibiotic 500 mg every 6 hour for 5 days, including two pills before the procedure, also took more after I noticed the yellowsh liquid coming out from the cut afraid of a infection. The area is not red, there is no pain, my nose is clear and breathing is normal without obstruction. When I look on thew mirror and blow the nose gently I can see the liquid coming out. Should I be concern about a infection or this is a normal healing process after a bone graft implant?  I appreciated you input on this. Thank you

Hi Carlos

Yes you do have an infection and what looks like purulent drainage coming out the graft site! You should see an Oral surgeon urgently for a second opinion  and most likely have it removed right away as well as cleaning up the area in view of your aortic prosthesis.
When there is an infection in a bone graft, the graft will undoubtly fail and there is no way it will recover with this much pus coming out and an oro-antral fistula.

Don't waste too much time waiting!

All the best,

Chawket MANNA¤,DDS,Ph.D

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