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I met with an accident resulting in angled blow to chin resulting in multiple fractures in mandible.I have got undisplaced fracture in left parasymphasis and diplaced fracture in right sub condylar region.My surgeon is treating it with closed reduction with tie wires and all..But the thing is my occlusion is not proper because she is saying your left and midline occlusion is perfect and and you have posterior unilateral edge to edge bite.She asked from me whether you have croosbite before trauma.Actually,i said i dont't know what she done she took impressions of my upper jaw and lower jaw(like denture) and said i think you have posterior crossbite before trauma as well.But ,i told her i never felt that because i usually eat from my croosbite side..Now idont whether i opt for jaw surgery or first wait for the results of IMF(closed reduction)...and and after reduction of fracture as well...she havent took any x ray or ct scan to check whether bones are aligned or not......Please help???

It sounds like you know what needs to be done.  A CT scan would be appropriate with 3D reconstruction to see if the fractures are aligned properly in three dimensions.  The type of fracture that you describe is quite easy to result in the posterior crossbite that you are experiencing.  You do not say how long it has been since the fracture and that may influence the decision of whether to do something now or wait for healing and then try to correct.  A second opinion with another surgeon may not be a bad idea.

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