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QUESTION: Hello I am 24 years old Male and for about a year now I have been experiencing a clicking or popping noise when I yawn. This is how it all started. About a year ago I had yawned and my mouth stuck open for a few seconds and wouldn't close. Then finally after a few seconds I was able to close my mouth. Since that has happened I noticed that when I yawn I hear a clicking or popping noise. I am deeply concerned if somehow I may have dislocated my jaw or misaligned my face from this experience. I would like to know what doctor, dentist or specialist I should see to find out if my jaw or face has been dislocated or misaligned in anyway and the best expert to correct those problems if any. Thank you for your time.

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What you have is a displaced disc. That disc usually goes back to place with your jaw bone. But in your case, it gets stuck and that is the reason why you could not open sometimes. In Florida, you should go to Nova or U. Florida, Miami, oral and maxillofacial surgery division to be treated. I would start with a conservative treatment like a nightguard, made by an oral surgeon.

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QUESTION: Hello I can open my mouth and yawn normally and eat and speak without any problems. I never had any problems opening my mouth it was just that one time where my jaw stuck open and for a few seconds and I wasn't able to close my mouth. Still sometimes when I yawn I still hear a clicking or popping noise. Does this mean my jaw is still dislocated or no? Will this require surgery or anything dramatic? Is my face or jaw dislocated or misaligned as I am typing this to you right now? Thank you or your time.


Examining you gives the best impression of what is wrong. However, from what you tell me, it sounds like you might have a internal derangement. Your disc might become displaced occasionally and that's why you hear the click. I suggest, panoramic radiograph, and night guard. No surgery is required at this point.  But the examining Doctor will be able to inform you better.  

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