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QUESTION: Hello Dr. Jamali,

I want to have custom jaw implants made, and I am considering either medpor or perhaps gortex coated silicone...Can you give me your thoughts on these materials?  They would be used to fill in gaps along the border of the jaw...

Thank you...


ANSWER: Good Afternoon Paul,

MEDPOR Implants are biocompatible, porous polyethylene implants for craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation.
Gore-Tex generic name is actually "expanded-polytetrafluoroethylene" (e-PTFE for short). Polytetrafluoroethylene is commonly known as Teflon. These are good materials that are commonly used in craniofacial surgery. I used them mostly in orbital fracture. For jaw, I perform orthognathic surgery and in general prefer not to use implants. After all these are foreign materials and have the risk of infection.

I hope that was helpful.

Good luck,

Dr. J

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QUESTION: Hello Dr. Jamali,

Another possible option to correct the gaps along both sides of my chin is to perhaps reverse the sliding genioplasty that was done in 2006...The chin to me looks unnatural...How difficult of a surgery is this, and can this be done in an office setting?  The original genioplasty was done as part of the BSSO, so I was under general...I have good bone, so I would assume that the procedure can get me back close to where I was...What would this surgery typically cost to reverse it?



ANSWER: Osteotomies are the way to go. Much better than implants. Reverse genioplasty is possible. But has to be done carefully. I don't do these anymore in the office. With general anesthesia I can do a better job. Surgeon's fee is about $4,500.

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QUESTION: Hi Dr. Jamali,

Thanks for the email...Could a CBCT scan indicate if the chin could be placed back to where it originally was?  Also is this a lengthy surgery done in a hospital, and what type of recovery period would I be looking at?  Have you done this before, and would you feel comfortable doing this surgery?


I do not radiate patients with CBCT to find out info. about chin. Plain radiographs are sufficient. The procedure will take about 1-2 hour and I have performed many of these procedures. If you would like, you are welcomed to come in for a consultation and discuss further.

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