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lateral ceph
lateral ceph  

I'm a 30 year old Asian female.

My initial complaint was my crooked teeth and lip incompetence. So first I consulted with orthodontists, nobody told me I have jaw problem till I consulted online with 6 doctors.

All of them said I have skeletal problem, maxillar vertical excess, and orthognatic surgery to impact maxillar is needed.

And one doctor mentioned I have narrow airway problem from the ceph xray. This reminds me of my difficulty breathing I always have, I always want to open my mouth big to feel at rest, and I do have difficulty swallowing liquid fast which was mentioned by my mom even when I was a kids.

It somehow made me want to relate the above to my nose problem. I have deviated septum, large terbinate on one side which was diagnosed 5 years ago, however ENT doctors didn't recommend me to have surgery to corret them although I've been suffering frequent sinus congestion, pain, headache, post nasal drips, etc.

I was also tested positive for dust mites allergy. I don't know if it's mites or my septum, once I go to my bed I got congested nose, so I always have to open my mouth big when sleeping, and find myself drooling as well as dry mouth, sore throat when wake up. I often feel not rested after long hours of sleep.

I also got bad bite from a quitted Invisialgin treatement one year ago. Now I constantly feel toothache and jaw pain. Dentist told me my teeth has been worn out a lot.

So now I'm really confused and worried, where should I start to seek treatment? Orthodontist, Oral surgen, or ENT doctor?What exactly is my main problem? What are the consequences of what? What should be my treatment plan?

Thank you very much!


I agree with the other surgeons that you need surgery. No orthodontist could fix this problem alone. Your Turbinate might be related to the upper jaw position, which is usually seen with a condition similar to yours.

I suggest you see an oral surgeon who is an expert in orthognathic surgery first. He/she will make the diagnosis and refer you to have a pre-surgical orthodontic treatment. You will need jaw surgery. During your surgery, the turbinate can be reduced.

Good Luck!

Dr. J

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