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Hello. Yesterday, I had an extraction and bone graft of upper molar. I have had recurrent infections and had already had a root canal retreat. I had taken two weeks of antibiotics and still had the infection, so the oral surgeon told me that it needed to come out immediately. He said it was way up in my sinus (and I have been very dizzy for 2 weeks) and too risky to wait. After the procedure, they gave me instructions for sinus communication, which I can follow except I have to fly one week from today. We are across country while my daughter receives medial care at Children's Hospital and we have to leave because her treatment is up. The doctor said I should be okay to fly but everything I've read advised against it, so I am very concerned. I go back to see the doctor on Tuesday (we leave Wed.) and just want to be as informed as possible. Thank you,

I normally tell my patients that it is ok to fly on commercial aircraft.  Since I do not know anything about your surgery or situation, I can not advise you and you are best to ask your oral surgeon directly.  

Good luck with your daughters care.

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