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Hello, as you can already tell I have a computer ple questions based on oral surgery. When you do jaw surgery to fix receding jaws from vertical maxillary excess, will jaw surgery move your lips higher upon your face? Can jaw surgery like le fort actually compact a long face not brought on by a gummy smile, but an excessive midface and long nose?

Will surgery to shorten a long nose help?

is it even possible to surgically shorten the face at all without excessive damage?

Hello Audra,

The lips  have slight upward movements. But this really depends on the surgeon's suturing techniques.
Maxillary impactions is suggested to fix the long faces. Gummy smile is either treated by gingivectomy or bone surgery. Some times the lefort surgery has effects on the nose and can make the nose to appear smaller. Your surgeon will be able to tell you that after examination. The lefort is done routinely by experts in this field and risks are low.

Hope I answered your questions.  

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