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Oral Surgery/headaches, loss of concentration, abcess poss cause?



Firstly let me thank you for reading through my questions.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of annoying tension like headaches which are interfering with my daily life.

I'm male 35 healthy, non smoker, almost non drinker.

I had a central incisor apico 8 years ago, tooth had a knock when i was younger and was crowned.

Last august i started to experience strange headaches, which are almost casebook tension headaches, pressure either side of head, pressure in and behind ears, sometimes front of face, headaches which gets worse when i bend over. No real pattern.  Also a sort of brain fog, difficulty concentrating both mentaly and visually.

Went to optometrist, ear nose and throat guy, general practicioner. Did standard tests, no mri, all seemed ok and the general opinion was anxiety.

Have been living with it, at christmas i felt a small abcess again.  Went to dentist who said the tooth looked like it would need to come out, but agreed to try another apico.  Two weeks afet apico without noticing when they stopped but all symptoms had gone, i started to feel fantastic, full of energy, on the ball, focusing 100%.

About a month later i started to get the symptoms back again, and two weeks after i noticed the abcess come out again.

So have had the tooth extracted and a bone graft for an implant in 3 months. This was thursday. I've unfortunately caught a horrible cold, with severe headaches, etc etc, it's starting to go but i still have some symptoms.  blocked ears with pressure, trouble focusing and concentrating.  It feels exactly like my previous symptoms. ofocurse i need to wait for cold to completely go, but it had me thinking...

At the time i was completely convinced that the abcess infection was the cause of my symptoms, and thought it would be too much coincidence to have the apico and then feel fantastic.  But now i'm worried that maybe it was coincidence seeing as i ahve the same symptoms.

So, toget to the question, in your opinion could a tooth infection / abcess cause my symptoms?  ( i didn't have any pain local to the tooth)  Could it be ear related and nothing to do with the abcess?

many thanks


Leo - This is a very difficult question for me to answer without examining you. In general, those who have gone through so much discomfort, for as long as you have endured, can definitely develop stress related pain.  The abscess by itself should not cause it, but on top of the discomfort present, the stress could be the cause.

I wish I could be more specific, but again, without examining you it is a little difficult.

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