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I have a lump behind my front lower teeth, it isn't sore but was after the dentist prodded at it, ican wobble it with my tongue but it doesn't move place.
I went to my doctor who thought it was a swollen salivary gland and gave me antibiotic's, but after finishing the course it didn't go, so I went to my dentist... He said it is not my salivary glands because they are under my tongue ( which he showed me with a mirror )  and this is more on the gum wall.  He did a couple of x-rays but seemed very unsure on what it is, he said he was going to send me to a dental surgeon, who have better x-rays to have a look but this could take a few weeks.
Could you please give me any advice on what this may be.

Kate -  Of course, without examining you, it is a little difficult for me to tell you what is actually occurring, but if your doctor's prodding was the initiator of the problem, he could have introduced some bacteria or firm debris attached to the lower front teeth initiating the problem.  

I sort of question why your dentist cannot diagnose what is occurring.  I understand seeing the surgeon is not a bad idea, but you should be examined by that doctor before xrays.  A proper inspection should be able to define the cause.

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