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Oral Surgery/nerve damage from upper 2nd molar extraction


I had a 2nd upper molar extracted on March 25, 2013 which led to 2 complications.  First, it led to a hole in the nasal cavity (i am hoping it is closed by now naturally)and Second, nerve damage that started with numbness in the gums and has lead to pain in one tooth , that was checked out and the tooth is totally healthy ,i.e, no cavity, etc.  The pain is starting to get progressively worse.  I would like to get nerve repair surgery asap if possible.  Whom do you recommend to do this.  Preferably in my area of milw, Wisconsin, however, I am willing to travel to get the best care if necessary.  Thanks so very much for your time and expertise.

ANSWER: Elvera -  Before I give you names of doctors who do repairs of nerves, I really need to know a little more information.  You say you have nerve damage that began in the gums.  What were the symptoms of the pain and where specifically was the numbness.  You day you have a hole in the nasal cavity and the upper second molar is no where near the nasal cavity.  Where specifically was the cavity.  

What are your symptoms of nerve injury?

So please get back to me with this information and I can better find the appropriate doctor to help you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply.  O.k, I will be more specific.  I had a left upper 2nd molar extracted on March 25th.  The numbness started with the entire left upper gum area is numb like I had a novacain shot and 40% or so has worn off.  Then later there was a vice like feeling around the tooth next to the extraction site.  Then pain in this tooth on and off and the tooth felt HUGE.  I went to the dentist to rule out that this new tooth pain was not due to a cavity.  The findings were that the painful tooth is perfectly healthy,no cavity, etc.  The symptoms of the pain is it just feels like a really bad tooth ache, like a bad cavity.  The pain is now a chronic ache that has waves where it gets worse.  In just 2 months, it went from numbness in upper left gums, to pain in tooth with numbness still in gums, and I even felt the sensation of the tooth feeling numb as well a couple of days.  I know it sounds wierd.  I wouldnt have believed a tooth could feel numb until I experienced it.  Last night the pain level was really bad, and today it is alot better.  I have an appt in June with a neurologist so I can start epilepsy meds to control the pain, but I really dont want to take meds for the rest of my life, when I can possibly have surgery and resolve this completely . I was told I had an oral/nasal fissure, hole(s)because the roots of my upper 2nd molar were in the nasal cavity so when it was pulled it caused holes in the roof of the nasal cavity.  I am hoping that has closed naturally by now.  The oral surgeon who performed this never took a new xray when I came in, just used the xray that came with the referral which was over one yr old, I dont know if that makes a difference and he had to cut my upper molar into sections because it wasnt coming out easily.  Then because he used a drill of sorts to cut the tooth, he actually dropped the drill during the procedure onto my lip and it caused an inch cut on my lip.  I am actually thinking the nerve damage was caused when I asked for more novacaine and instead of giving me the shot in the same place and just giving me more novacaine in the same area, he put the shot in a new different area.  Just a theory.  I am not an oral surgeon so I dont know.  Anyways, hope this all clarifies things.  I am so very grateful for your time and any feedback you may have.  Thanks so much for all you do!!!!!!!!!

Elvera - With the pain you are enduring after the extraction and pain with the 1st molar in front of the extraction site it sounds like the opening into the sinus might be the cause of the problems now.  If you had that open after the extraction, the doctor should have placed you on antibiotics and given you a regimen to help prevent inflammation in the sinus.  Sinus inflammation could definitely produce the symptoms you have described.  I am going to provide names of board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons.  It would be little better if I knew where in Wisconsin you live, but I am going to give you some names.

1) Dr. James Glore - (414) 288-8383 -Milwaukee

2) Dr. Scott Hoyer - (608) 274-0770 - Madison

3) Dr. Bradley Koch -(920) 499-0471 - Green Bay

I gave you a few names from different cities.  If you want to tell me where you live, I can be more specific.

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