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I had my wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago and my dissolving stitch fell out of one of the removal sites. Is this something to worry about.
Also, the bottom two sites are sore still, not terrible but to where it is annoying. How long should i expect pain?
Finally, all my bottom teeth are very sore and sensitive, this wasn't the case pre-surgery. Is this just due to the fact that some jaw bone had to be removed, or is it something more?

It is impossible to answer your specific questions with regards to your specific case.  But having said this, in general, dissolving sutures fall out early with some regularity.  This is usually not a cause for concern.  After the removal of wisdom teeth, it is not uncommon for the sockets to be sore for up to two weeks afterwards but you should notice steady improvement after the third to fourth day.  Finally, it is also not uncommon for the teeth further forward to feel sore for up to two weeks after your surgery.

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