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In Jan 2013, you answered some questions related to an infection in my palate and my upcoming bone graft. I am waiting for my appointment with my surgeon for follow-up. My UC has taken a turn for the worse, and my GI specialist has recommended that I begin an anti-TNF biologic. While I do plan to discuss this with my surgeon, I was interested in another opinion. Would the biologic be contraindicated due to my relatively recent graft? I know it can affect resolution of inflammation and retard wound healing. I'm sure there aren't a large number of patients who have undergone a graft and been on this biologic. But, your opinion would be valuable to me.

Tonya -  I am not an expert on the use of anti-TNF, but I think due to the healing effect the length of time since the graft placement is the most important factor.  If the anti-TNF is started a few weeks after graft placement then the graft would most likely be jeopardized.  If, however, that graft has been in place 4-6 months, there is a much better chance that the anti-TNF will have less effect.

Again I am not an expert.  Speak to your surgeon and have him evaluate the situation and possibly work with the gastroenterologist to develop a plan that will maximize the outcome of both situations.  

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