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Oral Surgery/Dentigerous cyst impacted 3rd mollar in maxillary protruding the sinus wall


Dear Dr Joel S Teig,
Update on my daughter's problem.
My daughter, 20 years,who suffered from the impacted / unerupted wisdom tooth in the maxillary touching/protruding sinus wall. I have had questions & answers with you in Dec 2012 before this. As per your advise, i contacted the ENT surgeon. (caldwell luc surgery was performed in Dec 2012 by Dental surgeon, but had to stop midway when it was revealed that the cyst and the crown of the tooth had protruded in the sinus wall. The surgery was being done under local anaesthesia on the Dentist chair. Dr decided not to take risk as any complications would be impossible to control and that it needed full fledged Operation Theatre). The ENT Surgeon advised CT scan of PNS and decided to perform Endoscopic and cladwell luc surgery to remove the tooth and  cystic material, and cleaning of the sinus wall by grinding. The surgery was performed in May 2013 under GA in the OT assisted by the Dental surgeon.It's 1 month since and my daughter seems to have recovered fully. Swelling has subsided excepting an insignificant swell on the maxillary which can be noticed only by those who were aware of the problem. There is no discharge (foul smelling puss)since the surgery. For few days, blood came out from nostril,as expected (told by the surgeon) now that too has stopped.
Dear Dr Teig, I want to thank you for your advise. Is there anything you would like to say after this update? Pl do write.
(incidentally, the fees charged by the ENT surgeon was exorbitant! almost 10 times the fees of dental surgeon!) Fortunately i am likely to get atleast 50% of the expenses from my employer, even though the case is a Dental one and excluded from the admissible treatments. Regards.

Maqsood - I am so happy to hear that the source of your daughter's problem seems to have been removed.  Just so you know, this type of problem should not be considered actually a dental problem.  It is due to a cystic lesion that invaded the sinus, producing an chronic sinusitis.  So you should try to submit this as a medical procedure, because it is.

I hope she soon  is completely healed.

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