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On Tuesday 05/28/2013 I had the next to last molar on the bottom right extracted.  Now, whether I am just a baby or have sensitive nerves, it was extremely painful during recovery.  I even called the doctor on that Saturday because the 7.5/650 Lorcet dosage was not even touching my pain that started from the front teeth to behind my ear on that side, as well as the top teeth.  Within a few days I noticed a white place about the size of an eraser head, below and to the back of the extraction site, where the side of my tongue would lay.  Fifteen days later, the extreme pain did subside, but the deep ache had not gone away.  It was continual, not throbbing, and the only was to describe it was that it didn't hurt on the outside of my cheek, but if you tried to cup your fingers under my chin, it still hurt from the front of my jaw to the back of my head behind my ear at times.  So, I get in to see my dentist and he examines me for quite a bit and I tell him he's making me nervous and he tells me that I have exposed jawbone.  Mind you, I took a round of Amoxicillin after the extraction and now he has put me on PenVk and I am to see him in a week to determine whether I will be referred to a surgeon.  Also, I am not able to tolerate most anti-inflammatory meds like aspirin or 'profens' an am really getting concerned about the pain level as well as the exposed jawbone, especially since the Lorcet is still not really easing the pain.  I have been reading alot online today about similar situations and nobody is really saying anything about sever pain.  Is it just me being a baby about the pain or is it possible that this is something more serious than I imagined?  Thank you.

Marie -  What you are enduring is definitely not normal.  Exposed bone means that the doctor, who extracted the tooth tore the gum tissue exposing bone or broke part of the bone which is now perforating the gum tissue.  Either way, you immediately need to be examined by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  Before seeing the surgeon, immediately begin a strict regimen of warm salt ware rinses, in the area of the exposed bone, for a couple of minutes, 4-5 times a day.

So either call the dentist and get the name of a board certified surgeon from him or look one up in the phone book.  If you have difficulty finding one, get back to me, tell me where you live and I will send you names of surgeons.  

Again, do the warm salt water rinses now to keep the area clean and see a surgeon.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me again.

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