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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Teig; a few years back, I had and OKC and opted for the fibula free didn't go so well. After surgery, I was informed that my fibula is too thin and I couldn't have teeth implants. I had to have a second surgery to remove most of the titanium used to shape my face; I suffer from but not limited to, daily facial swelling, and chronic pain which radiates into my ear down my neck and into my shoulder. My salivary gland was cut during surgery; I have bounced around from oral surgeons to medical doctors who say their is nothing that can be done or a third plus more surgeries to correct the jaw. But could the swelling and pain be due to the gland not working correctly? Because my teeth over time have either fractured in half, dissolved and now am losing enamel, which I just recently learned is due to dry mouth, which I never experienced before. I am just looking for help; I can barely move my head in one direction, any facial or muscle jerk I swell, lifting my arm etc....warm regards Anna

ANSWER: Anna -  I am so sorry to about all you have endured.  A salivary gland problem could precipitate many of the problems you are now enduring. You don't say which doctors you have seen, but it is important that you should only be assisted by doctors at a major medical center that has doctors of all specialties available together to better define the cause of your problems.  Unfortunately, Arizona is not a state that would have such an institution.  

The closest to you would be doctor facilities in Texas, New York or Boston.  If you wish, I can provide more specifics, but It is important that a facility with knowledgeable doctors are all available together.  So get back to me if you wish specific facilities.

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QUESTION: Dr. Teig; Thank you so much for answering my question.
I'm sorry, I had the two surgeries done in, Boston; I would greatly appreciate if you could send me specifics in Florida;

I was just thinking that after so many years of bouncing back from dentist to family medical doctors, and a little bit of research I was curious if an ENT could help.
Warm Regards; Anna

Anna -  I am not sure if ENT doctors are proficient in the situation you endured.

I am going to provide the name of Dr. Robert Marx, the Director of the division of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.  Call: (305) 326-5326.  When you call ask to be examined by Dr. Marx and not a doctor in the oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program.

I wish you well and hope Dr. Marx can help you.

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