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Can a dental implant push bone or bone grafted material outside of the gum? I had a bone graft done on 14 and 15 seven months ago. All felt fine. Now I had dental implants put into 14 and 15. The gum on the outside of 15, toward the cheek hurt a bit. I figured it was just sore from the implant surgery. I finally can open my mouth wide enough to see that there is a white spot on the outside upper part of 15. Could it be that the implant in 15 pushed some bone out of the way and toward the side, outside the gum against the cheek. The area is sensitive if I open my mouth wide or to the direct touch? If it is bone that was pushed, what can be done for it?

Chris - a successfully healed graft should not shift, unless the doctor, when he inserted the implant applied excess pressure in the insertion.  You need to immediately get back to the doctor to evaluate the area.  If he is not sure and the pain continues, getting a second opinion from a different oral and maxillofacial surgeon might be a good idea.

I hope that it just gets better, but contact the dentist immediately and let him evaluate the area.  I hope it is nothing and it heals quickly.

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