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I ve which may call it mucocele in the roof of mouth , I usually get one on and off inside lower lip but 2 days ago I got one in the roof of mouth I can feel it with my toungue isn't that big smaller that a lentils
What are your thought or remedy
I don't think I need a sergery cause isn't that big , they are not serious right?
Included a picture
Thank you

ANSWER: Samia -  I cannot be completely sure without examining you, but that area in your palate does not really look like a mucocele.  There is extensive redness sround this and would indicate some type of inflammation or infection.  Of course, it is possible that it is a blocked inflamed duct.  It needs to be evaluated and not leave it.  Get an appointment with an oral surgeon to evaluate the area.

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QUESTION: Hello doctor
Not sure what you meant by inflamed duct  , is it serious ? I don't smoke or do any kind of tabacco nor drink, I brush my teeth & floss regurly( I know my teeth don't look the best but due to my situation I can't afford dentist or any doctor right now)
Could be caused from something hot I had, it seem its going away
As far for mucocele what are your remedy do you recommend ? I have one that keeps coming back on lower inside lip , I read Online, pemirose oil or castor oil
I do not want sergery nor I can afford it
Thank you

Samia - The area on your palate could be from a blocked gland, an irritation or a burn.  You should rinse your mouth 4-5 times a day for a couple minutes to help reduce inflammation.

Unfortunately there is no specific remedy for a mucocele.  You can rinse with warm salt water to help reduce inflammation in the area, but the blocked duct of the minor salivary gland may resolve on its own only to return in the furure.  Do not use any oil or substance against the mucocele or it can accentuate the inflammation.  Be gentle and if it enlarges, there is not much choice but to have it surgically removed.  So do the application of warm salt water to the mucocele.  I wish you well and hope it calms down.

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