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I had gotten an abcess in my left 2nd molar. I never took care of it due to my financial situations and insurance. Now that Ihave all that sorted out. My tooth has went from a possible root canal to halfway brok off and deep hole in it. The very back molar is starting to decay but towards the bottom of the back molar in the gums.there is a white "bony" or "tooth remenant" protruding out. It is very sensitive and painful.. slowly as it has gotten bigger. I know this problem needs fixed asap because this tooth area has a terrible smell and bleeds sometimes w the blood having a foul odor and taste.what exactly could be wrong?? And what is this piece sticking out?? I don't want to loose my teeth slowly. I take care of them...Ijust drink a lot of soda.

Alicia - without directly examining your mouth or, at least, seeing pictures and xrays of the teeth it is difficult for me to come up with an exact diagnosis.  What you describe could simply be from decay, infection or inflammation.  Most likely, with the soda drinking, you are suffering from extensive decay that might be invading the nerves of the teeth.  You also have periodontal inflammation.

Depending on exactly what is going on and the extent of damage to the teeth, the teeth can be or cannot be saved.  So I need more information to tell you what is actually going on.  If you could send me pictures of the area and xrays of the area, I can better come up with and honest answer to your question.

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