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Oral Surgery/after I and d abcess has entered sinus


Hello. I have been suffering through an abcess situation for 3 month's now. It started with my tooth that I quickly had root canaled. My dentist put me on amoxicillan for 21 days. At the end of that cycle I noted a blistering bump on the top of my gum with hardened swelling.  My dentist lanced and drained said bump. Gave me another round of amoxicillan.  At the end of the 10 day course the swelling was horrible and very hard.  He said he thought he would preform a root canal on the tooth beside the previously infected tooth. With this I sought out a 2nd opinion of an oral surgeon.  He immediately set up surgery appointment.  I had a large amount of gum tissue cut out. I was then put on another round of amoxicillan.  When I returned a week later to have stitches removed I explained I was still having significant pain in my sinus area. It was then I was told that my abcess had punched a whole and routed itself into my maxillary sinus cavity. He irrigated the area and pushed pus out of wound. He gave ceocin to clear up remaining infection and warned if antibiotics didn't work I would need additional surgery.  Well I had a severe allergic reaction to ceocin and it was determined my bacteria is resistant to the amoxicillan.  So my question is if I was your patient was would you suggest.  Im terrified of a second surgery. The first was painful enough.

Patricia - First of all, the doctor must determine the type of bacteria in the area and then prescribe a specific antibiotic to calm the area. The key test you don't mention is - does water come out of your nose when you drink it?  Hopefully not, if it does then surgery is necessary to close the hole that allows fluids and saliva to gain entrance into the sinus.  If not, then a hole into the sinus is not present and the cause needs to be determined.  

I wish I could be more specific, but I would need more information or examine you.  I hope the surgeon can come up with a cause and get you better.

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