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Hi Dr. Teig,
I received jaw surgery a week ago and everything is doing fine but my nasal passage is going crazy. Anytime I stand up my nose will run like crazy almost like a nose bleed but no blood, and I have A TON of mucus buildup I know I'm not allowed to blow my nose but what else can I do? It's getting to the point where it's making me sick.
Please help!


Elizabeth - I am assuming that your upper jaw was the site of the surgery.  In that type of surgery, the bone is cut and entrance into the sinus is common.  Once the sinus has been entered via the bone cut, drainage of the normal mucous within the sinus is blocked until the bones have completely healed.  You need to speak with the surgeon and have him suggest a sinus drying medication.  There are quite a few that can reduce the production of the mucous within the sinus and within the nasal passage.  

What you are experiencing is quite common and the use of a simple sinus drying agent that will not affect the bone healing will dramatically help.  

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