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QUESTION: As long as I can remember my husband has had a gap in between his front teeth with a piece of tissue in between them. I assume it is the frenulum which is the tissue causing the gap. He has been to the dentist several times and they have never mentioned what it was so I was just curious.



ANSWER: Kim -  your husband has a simple frenal attachment towards the palatal side of the ridge.  This attachment is what keeps that small space open and it does not allow it to close naturally.  The area does not look inflamed and can be left alone.  If the small, and I mean small, space bothers you or him, he can have a simple surgical procedure, called a frenectomy to allow the space to close.  

So it is up to you and him to decide.

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QUESTION: That is what I was assuming it was. Do is the tissue in between the teeth the actual frenulum of is it his gum tissue receding bc of how low the frenulum is attached? Can this get worse in time or does it always stay the same? The reason I am asking bc looking back at pics which there not close ups of his teeth it'd hard to tell if this has always been this way or just developed in the last few years. Thanks.

Kim -  The frenum attachment has been in its present position since his permanent teeth erupted.  The tissue is the distal aspect of the frenulum. It should stay the same, but just like anywhere in the mouth, if he does not meticulously keep the area clean, periodontal problems can develop.  With age, the space can open wider with normal activities.

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